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    Awnings, Blinds or Shutters - we will ensure that your product of choice will be of the highest quality possible, and custom built to precise measurements. Our own qualified and certified tradesmen will then install it exactly as it should be.


    Let's Talk Shade!

    Let's Talk Shade

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      At Brisbane Shades & Shutters we only supply the
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      Let's Talk Shade!
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      We would like to invite you to visit our newly renovated Showroom.

      We feel that without a great showroom you just cannot get the feel for your shutter, awning or blind product. You simply do yourself an injustice looking at a glossy brochure, or ordering online without seeing the quality of the product first hand.

      46a Old Cleveland Rd, Stones Corner, QLD 4120

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      Let's Talk Shade

      Whilst getting your quote, ask if you qualify for our voucher giveaway.*

      *Conditions do apply but feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members for more information regarding the offer.

        About Us

      Brisbane Shade & Shutters is an Australian owned and operated company comprising of some of the most adept and committed individuals striving to address a real demand in this market. 

      In a large majority of cases the lead time from the initial consultation and deposit, to having your installation completed and enjoying your beautiful new additions can be as soon as 14 days. However, this can depend on product selection and seasonal demands though it makes a great case for getting your window furnishings completed prior to summer.

      The world leading automated systems employed by our manufacturer gives us regular message feeds which allows us real time access to exactly where your products are by simply logging in to the portal to see how many days or even hours until dispatch, so we keep you well up to date with information.

      We always strive to be better than the rest, so we have never been afraid of asking where we can be better and what can we improve for our customers. What we found was people have a very big problem of not being informed about their order, which is something that the whole industry is guilty of and to put it simply, customers do not like having to chase up information. We saw a huge opportunity to stand above our competitors and so grabbed it with open arms. We can boast that we have the best customer service and very fast turnaround times, plus with our great pricing and superior product quality, you will never be left wanting for anything. Make Brisbane Shade & Shutters are your preferred supplier.

      Speedy completion schedules do not compromise quality of materials either. Brisbane Shade & Shutters adheres to the highest industry standards and checks all materials ordered on client’s behalf before organising installation, ensuring each item meets the high standards demanded. 

      Want to know more? Our knowledgable team are here to help!

      Let's Talk Shade

      More About Brisbane Shade & Shutters


      Adhering to a philosophy and belief that, ‘What happens is not nearly as important as how one deals with what happens, that counts’, relationships between Brisbane Shade & Shutters and all its valued clients truly begins from first contact and does not end once an order is completed. We ensure our customers always receive priority attention long after the purchase is completed should they require advice, guidance or encounter any issue with their purchase.


      Our consultants are industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge capable of providing our customers with varied options and solutions to any endeavour undertaken. Their experience in the industry equips them with knowledge our clients find invaluable providing them with clear and concise understanding of their options from the initial meeting.


      Working with builders, architects or project managers on large scale constructions, Brisbane Shade & Shutters possesses an acute understanding of working within budgets and timelines. 

      Closely communicating with relevant parties, we ensure smooth integration of our products to any construction without hindering ensuing work scheduled. 


      Our products offer our valued clients a wide choice of quality options to choose from and our experienced installers are guaranteed to complete all work to exacting standards, always geared to exceed even the most fastidious buyers’ expectations. They are all certified with Australia Wide Police Checks to ensure they meet the highest ethical and moral standards Brisbane Shade & Shutters demands of its affiliates.


      Our range of Shutters, Roller Blinds, Awnings and Venetians to name a few, all offer options that meet today’s technological innovations which allows them to be coupled with smart hubs for full automation or motorisation on their own.


      Our in-house consultants are not there to just show clients samples and secure orders but to offer real advice and options otherwise not considered. We expose our clients to all the various options available to them once an understanding of their needs has been established.


      We understand that here is sometimes a very real need to achieve a dual purpose with one covering and our qualified and knowledgeable representatives are some of the highest regarded in this industry. More than just representatives, we like to think of them as solution providers working with our clients to ensure they choose the right product that meets their budget on every occasion.


      We don’t subscribe to hard selling techniques or tempting clients with cheap promotions designed to sway buyers into products not suited to their requirements. We listen to our customers, understand their needs and offer the most cost-effective solution, utilising the highest quality products available. This will usually comprise of more than one option for our customers to consider.


      All of our products and installations offered to prospective buyers enhance purchases for individuals or commercial tenders and our 100% Backed Guaranteed provides industry leading peace of mind.


      If you are looking for a quality product that meets your budget, for what we consider to be a very important addition to your home, then there is nothing to lose by contacting one of our friendly experts here at Brisbane Shade & Shutters. You can experience what many others have already - a hassle free, informed, caring and concise consultation that will make you aware of the wealth of options suited to your budget and time frame.

      Whilst getting your quote, ask if you qualify for our voucher giveaway.*

      *Conditions do apply but feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members for more information regarding the offer.

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      Want to know more? Our knowledgeable team are here to help!

      Let's Talk Shade