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    Let's Talk Shade!

    Let's Talk Shade

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      Let's Talk Shade!
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      Indoor Smart Blinds

      What is a Smart Blind?

      Smart blinds are window coverings that can be opened or closed through an app or a voice command on your iPhone, Android Phone, Siri, Google Nest Hub, Amazon Alexa, and other smart devices. 

      This innovative product is one of the best ways to create the illusion of people being home, even if you’re away as you are able to open & close them on a set schedule. 

      Want to know more? Our knowledgable team are here to help!

      Let's Talk Shade!

      Whilst getting your quote, ask if you qualify for our voucher giveaway.*

      *Conditions do apply but feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members for more information regarding the offer.

      Whilst getting your quote, ask if you qualify for our voucher giveaway.*

      *Conditions do apply but feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members for more information regarding the offer.

      Motoware WiFi Remote & 4-Core Motors

      All of our indoor blinds give you two options which allows them to be motorised inexpensively.

      One option utilises our 4-Core hard wired motors and are operated via remote control. Discreetly housed inside the roller tube and out of sight, they are easily paired to your existing home automation system and can be controlled by any mobile device.

      Current legislation also demands a qualified electrician complete hard wiring of motors to your main household power supply.

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      Motoware DC Battery Motor

      Low Voltage DC 25 or 35 Motors powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and operated via remote control. The benefit this option has over your hard wired variety is no additional electrical work is required which represents even further savings. 

      These long-life battery motors and batteries are discreetly housed inside the roller tube. Simple charging is via USB charger and each charge supplies an impressive 200 UP Cycles. That means you only need to charge each motor around 3 times every 12 months (depending on usage) with charge cycles for each battery requiring approximately 6 hours on average each. Battery motor blinds are these days considered futuristic, totally 100% green and operate just as efficiently and quietly as hard-wired blinds. 

      If charging batteries is not an attractive prospect for you, that’s okay too. You can elect to have a small single panel solar charge unit installed which provides a clean and constant source of power for your blinds

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      Adjust Your Blinds Anywhere From Your Smart Device

      Motorizing your blinds is extremely affordable.  This latest technology will now open your blinds in what ever room you instruct at sunrise as it can be location set to your city and will open at the exact minute.

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      Valance Pelmets

      The addition of an inexpensive valance pelmet will complete your installation whilst adding elegance and style to your indoor blinds.

      Designed to hide the rollers, tracks or brackets, these pelmets are manufactured from a lightweight yet durable material called Foam Wood and are available in a 98mm or 140mm front.

      There are four colours to choose from, White, Cream, Cedar or Black.

      For a more elegant finish, we can cover the pelmet in the blind fabric helping coordinate and completing the overall effect.

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